The Rise of Mobile Point of Sale (Infographic)

26 February in Customer Experience, Infographics, Mobile Point of Sale, NFC, Omni-Channel, Online, Point of Sale, Retail, Retail Trends, Tablet POS, Technology

As retail technology continues to evolve, the once distinct lines between online and in-store shopping experiences become more and more indistinct. As these lines become increasingly blurred, omni-channel readiness becomes increasingly critical for a retailers success. Whether retailers think so or not, hyper-connected consumers expect to...

Personalizing the Customer’s In-Store Experience With Customer Engagement Technology (Infographic)

20 January in Business, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Infographics, Mobile Apps, Omni-Channel, Online, Point of Sale, POS Retail, Retail, Retail Trends, Shopping, Social Media, Technology

For the past twenty years or so, small and medium-sized brick and mortar retailers have been forced to change how they do business. Retail giants such as Wal Mart and Target have established their very large footprints in thousands of locations around the U.S., forcing...

Omni-Channel Retailing: The Way Forward (Infographic)

01 December in Business, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Ecommerce, Infographics, Marketing, NFC, Omni-Channel, Online, POS Retail, Retail Trends, Social Media, Technology

Omni-channel retailing—connecting with consumers via multiple selling channels—is the latest buzzword in the retail industry. But what does it mean for you as a retailer? In the past, retailers focused much of their attention on a single-channel selling strategy; that is, what was selling, where...