The Rise of Mobile Point of Sale (Infographic)

26 February in Customer Experience, Infographics, Mobile Point of Sale, NFC, Omni-Channel, Online, Point of Sale, Retail, Retail Trends, Tablet POS, Technology

As retail technology continues to evolve, the once distinct lines between online and in-store shopping experiences become more and more indistinct. As these lines become increasingly blurred, omni-channel readiness becomes increasingly critical for a retailers success. Whether retailers think so or not, hyper-connected consumers expect to...

Omni-Channel Retailing: The Way Forward (Infographic)

01 December in Business, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Ecommerce, Infographics, Marketing, NFC, Omni-Channel, Online, POS Retail, Retail Trends, Social Media, Technology

Omni-channel retailing—connecting with consumers via multiple selling channels—is the latest buzzword in the retail industry. But what does it mean for you as a retailer? In the past, retailers focused much of their attention on a single-channel selling strategy; that is, what was selling, where...