2014: The Year for Modernizing Point of Sale Systems (Infographic)

04 February in Business, Business Intelligence, CRM, Customer Loyalty, Infographics, Point of Sale, POS Retail, Retail, Retail Trends, Technology

With signs of the U.S. economy starting to awaken, and the continual growth of online retail sales, retail store owners are faced with two obvious decision points – either upgrade and modernize or lose further ground with their legacy Point of Sale (POS)/Store Management systems. The...

The New CXM Model

08 January in Business, Business Intelligence, CRM, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Marketing, POS Retail, Social Media, Technology

The days of one-way conversations—where you and your company would create a product, set a price, decide what place the product would be sold at, use whatever means necessary to promote the product and then analyze the buying patterns of the customer —has quickly become...